Round 1: first proposal

UCL Culture announced a consultation for a proposed re-structure. This was presented to staff in the unit on 13 February 2018. The consultation period lasted 30 days, until 13 March 2018.

I’m an academic at UCL. I do not work for UCL Culture. I don’t think this is a minor managerial restructure. I believe – especially as it relates to the organisation and duties of staff in UCL’s museums and collections community – this is a significant reorientation of mission. And I think it goes in the wrong direction. My position: this proposal must be rejected.

Updates leading up to end of consultation

Proposed restructure documents

Business case for re-structure (link removed. why?)

This pdf document includes the business case for the proposed restructure, a current and proposed organisation chart for UCL Culture, and strategic goals for the unit. These were distributed by the Director on 13 February 2018 to staff un the unit.

Presentation about proposal (link removed. why?)

This pdf document presented the powerpoint slides summarising the proposed re-structure. It was circulated by the Director on 13 February 2018 to staff within the unit.

(Full disclosure: I checked before posting these documents and have been told by UCL Culture they are cleared for circulation.)