A Word document is available for download here (petition). This should be sent directly to the Director. The address is on the petition.

Should you rather copy-paste, the text is below.

to:               Mr Simon Cane <>, Director, UCL Culture
UCL Culture Redesign Team <>

re:              consultation regarding
UCL Culture proposed restructure, Feb-Mar 2018

I write regarding the proposed restructure for UCL Culture, as described in the February 2018 document “Business case for a change involving re-structuring of posts. UCL Culture”.

Reject proposed re-structure

I urge rejection of this proposal because:

  1. The academic community was not engaged in its development. It moves too far away from supporting the needs of academic stakeholders.
  2. UCL museums and collections should not lose capacity of its expertise, as is proposed here by the deletion of museum manager posts. Such a loss will lessen our ability to deliver in teaching, research, and impact as well as in university strategies such as Connected Curriculum.
  3. The consultation period for this proposal has been too short (one month) and too poorly distributed across UCL academic community.

Furthermore, UCL’s museums and collections are university-wide resources and must primarily serve UCL’s academic mission. To increase the influence of academics on this unit’s strategic direction, I support the following actions:

  • improve academic governance for this unit, such as by ensuring the unit’s director has academic standing
  • improve academic oversight by placing the unit in a management line under an academic vice-provost such as OVP Research (currently, Professor David Price) or OVP Education and Students (currently, Professor Anthony Smith).